Joe Finney

Killeen, TX


Joe Finney is best known for his old and abandon building photography as well as his collection of doors, windows and old automobiles. Joe has a gift for capturing unique perspectives on the familiar through careful composition and use of vantage points which create contrast.

Joe became interested in photography at a very early age but was not able to truly submerged himself until he arrived in Mainz-Gonsenheim, Germany in 1978. This is where he purchased his first 35mm camera, a “Pentex K1000” and enrolled in film development classes at Fenton Army Airfield in Mainz-Fenton Germany while stationed at Lee Barracks with the 8th ID. Born in Virginia, Joe has traveled the world via the United States Military which has provided him the opportunity to develop and create a diverse perspective on life and cultures.

Joe was drawn to dilapidated and decayed ruins as a result of his love for antiques and collectibles. Joe has been fortunate enough to work for several government agencies which has contributed to his ability to constantly expand his portfolio to include images from several states as well as several European countries.

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All work in this gallery is the original work of Joe Finney of Joe Finney Photography unless otherwise noted. Gallery work is for sale, © 2010-2013 Joe Finney and, as such, is protected by US & International Copyright laws. Should you wish to buy in quantity or for resale please email joseph.b.finney@gmail.com for pricing. Publishers and/or editors wishing to purchase the use of one or more of the images herein, please email for approval & pricing. These images "DO NOT" belong to the public domain. All rights are reserved and the images listed herein cannot be reproduced, copied, downloaded, edited, altered or published in any form without the explicit consent of Joe Finney or Joe Finney Photography, owner/artist. ---- © Joe Finney.

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***** FEATURED WORK *****

Abandoned Rusty Old Trucks - 10/16/2013
Half Ton Chevy - No.0243h
Texas Moving Co. - No.0651d

Beautiful Broken Old Rusted Objects - 11/10/2013
Belton 57 Chevy - No.p66

The Road to Self Promotion - 10/16/2013
Brevity of Life - No.4414v

Barns Big and Small - 04/29/2012
Outside of Selma


Red Cheeked Cockatiel - N0.7748 by Joe Finney


King of The Zoo - No.2279 by Joe Finney


BackYard View - No. 0038 by Joe Finney


OverLook Belton Lake - No.101 by Joe Finney


Billy Goat Gruff Bridge - No.1545 by Joe Finney


Empty Bench - No.1762 by Joe Finney


Salado Roadside Store - No.1797 by Joe Finney


Courtyard Cafe - No.1755 by Joe Finney


Magnolia's On Main - 1745 by Joe Finney


Classics On Main - No.1734 by Joe Finney


Salado Square - No.1735 by Joe Finney


Texas Bird House - No.1652 by Joe Finney


Bicycle Art - No.1602 by Joe Finney


Bottom Half - No.6238 by Joe Finney


Dust Storm On Virginia Beach - No.2009 by Joe Finney


Yellow Skies Over Honolulu - No.2004 by Joe Finney


Red 57 Chevy - No.333H by Joe Finney


Canary Yellow Fleetside - No.2915 by Joe Finney


Library of Congress - No.8432 by Joe Finney


Atlanta Night Lights - No.2007 by Joe Finney


Under The Waterfall - No.1948 by Joe Finney


'64 Red Chevy - No.2991 by Joe Finney


Halona Blowhole - No. 037 by Joe Finney


Moon Over Little Rock - No.411 by Joe Finney


SaltGrass - No.2011 by Joe Finney


SS AeroCoupe - No.1987 by Joe Finney


Union Pacific - No.25224 by Joe Finney


View From The Big Dam Bridge - No. 2957 by Joe Finney


Belton 57 Chevy - No.P66 by Joe Finney


Telegraph Office - No.1654 by Patty Finney


This Old Truck - No.1654 by Patty Finney


Rudesheim From The Rhine by Joe Finney


The Rhine River - No.Y1978 by Joe Finney


Sunset Over Salma - No.009 by Joe Finney


The Rhine River - No.1978 by Joe Finney


Culpeper Silo by Joe Finney


Pauline's Casa by Joe Finney


Hay Storage by Joe Finney


Fleetwood Church by Joe Finney


Pauline's Casa by Joe Finney


Green Berries Pine - No.262 by Joe Finney


King of the Pride - No.7670 by Joe Finney


Albino Trunk - No.7239 by Joe Finney


Geoffrey the Giraffe - No.7291 by Joe Finney


The Pride - No.7724 by Joe Finney


Industry Park Honolulu - No.0196 by Joe Finney


Industry Park Honolulu - No.0098 by Joe Finney


HNL Airport Confetti Art - 0111 by Joe Finney